Why I am a Wedding Celebrant

Why I am a Wedding Celebrant


I am often asked how and why I became a Wedding Celebrant. (Of course as an Independent Celebrant I conduct other ceremonies too but this is the question that I get asked most). There are quite a lot of things that brought me to this place and here is just a glimpse.

It all started when some friends asked me to be their Celebrant. They were getting married abroad and didn’t feel that the Celebrants they had met understood what they wanted from their wedding. They knew I had led all sorts of services and events and felt I had the skills they were looking for – and that I cared enough about them to want it to be the best it could be. So I asked them what was important to them about their ceremony. They wanted it to be relaxed but demonstrating this was an important step in their journey. They wanted it to be fun but not so funny that no one took it seriously! They wanted it to be meaningful but not morose. They wanted to pay some attention to wedding traditions but to include their own twist. They wanted to involve friends and family in a number of ways and to include readings and music that they loved. To their own surprise they found they wanted a prayer of blessing. They also wanted to include an appropriate visual ritual and felt that a handfasting would fit the bill. I accepted, listened a lot, researched a bit, talked and laughed with the happy couple and we drew together a ceremony they loved. It was fabulous. And I felt that I had “come home”, that this was something I was meant to do.

In the run up to the wedding I read an article in a magazine about someone who was a full time Celebrant. I hadn’t even realised that was a thing! I was intrigued. So after the wedding I did some research. If I was going to offer to conduct weddings for other people I wanted them to be the best they could be. I wanted all of the things we had achieved for my friends to be true for other people. So I looked into training. And I handed my notice in as HR Director of a major charity. Eeek!

I did my training with the UK Society Of Celebrants and started to market my services. And bought lots of interesting books, and ribbons and cords and candles and sand and stationery and …..
Then I listened to lots of couples. And I found that most couples wanted what my friends wanted! And yet the final result was always unique.

Since then I have conducted ceremonies in fields, gardens, hotels, village halls, art galleries, pubs, restaurants, golf clubs and so many more types of venue. In different parts of the UK and in other countries too. Every couple was different – and every ceremony was too.

If you want a ceremony that isn’t restricted by the limitations of other people or institutions. That you can hold anywhere and anytime because the legal bits are done elsewhere (usually the Registrar’s office but could be a Church). A ceremony that is as unique as you are. Then get in touch and tell me what you are looking for – and let’s make it happen. We’ll make it the best it can be!