Absolutely. Fur babies are very welcome at Ruby B Ceremonies. Dogs can have all sorts of roles too – or they just come as a guest. Of course, it does depend where your wedding venue is. You will find dogs are often more welcome at outdoor weddings than they are at a five star hotel. However my sister and her husband had their dog take part in their wedding at a Scottish Castle hotel so it is definitely worth asking the question.

Your dog as a bridesmaid or groomsman

Wedding dog

Dogs are often part of the wedding party and may come down the aisle as a bridesmaid or groomsman. A little like flower girls though, you need to make sure that they don’t steal the show from the happy couple.



Your dog as a ring bearer

Wedding dog

Well behaved dogs make good ring bearers. Particularly if they respond to commands and can be called to the front of the ceremony space on their own. If not it can often be the role of the best man or maid of honour to bring the dog forward so that the rings can be retrieved.



Your dog as a guest

Wedding dog

Dogs are sometimes the best behaved of guests. They can also bring some interest to the photos. I have also had some dogs at ceremonies who have fabulous outfits of their own, definitely competing with the happy couple in relation to best dressed at the wedding.



Useful things to consider

  • You may really want to have your dog at the wedding but will s/he be happy to be there? How does your dog feel around crowds? How does your dog react to music being played? Will your dog want to jump up on you whilst you are saying your vows?
  • Has your photographer got experience of working with animals? Do you want to have your dog in just one or two casual shots or do you want to ask for something very specific including your dog?
  • Will your guests be comfortable with your dog around? You may think that your dog is wonderful but some people are scared of even the fluffiest little dog and if your dog isn’t small and fluffy might it cause difficulty for some people?
  • Do you need someone to act as dog – sitter during the day or maybe even arrange for your dog to be taken home or to a dog – sitter once the food arrives or whilst the disco is on or before fireworks are set off? And do you really want to be poop- a – scooping in your wedding outfit?
  • Is your venue dog- friendly? Don’t just look on the website but speak to them in case dogs are allowed everywhere but the areas you are using for your wedding.

Wedding dog


If you have really thought it through and know how the day will be for both you and your dog then it can be fabulous to have your dog at your wedding as it might feel really sad to have this key member of the family missing.



Ring bearer dog






If you would like a chat about including your dog in your wedding, get in touch.

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