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Naming ceremonies are a wonderful way to celebrate the birth of a baby, a perfect way to welcome and celebrate an adopeted child coming into the family or to embrace stepchildren (or step-parents) into a new family or for transgender people wishing to celebrate their name in a meaningful and affirming ceremony.

Your naming ceremony

A naming ceremony is an event where an infant, a young person, or an adult is given a name or names. These ceremonies are a beautiful celebration. The timing of the ceremony can vary from mere days after birth to several months or many years afterwards. Ceremonies can include elements of religious or cultural significance, personalised to you and your ceremony.

Naming ceremonies are a great way to bond a family unit. They can be done instead of, or as well as, a faith based ceremony such as a christening. They can also be held as a coming of age ceremony at 18 or 21 or if an adult wishes to change their name for any reason at all. 

Some things you may not know about naming ceremonies: 

  • Can be held wherever you want: at home, in the park, a garden, a community hall, a restaurant, the zoo…the world is your oyster!
  • Focus on the individual child, their personality and the friends and family that surround them making this ceremony very special.
  • Can be held whenever you’re ready. There’s no rush: many are combined with first birthday celebrations, for example, and many families have joint namings for siblings or cousins. They can be held when someone changes their name or some time later when they feel they have grown into it.
  • Are a great opportunity to declare, before family and friends, your promises to be the best parent that you can, and for adult friends or relatives to pledge their love and support for your child’s future development. For adults changing their name it is an opportunity for others to express their love and support.
  • Are relaxed, happy and personal occasions. And since every ceremony is written specifically for a particular family, each one is unique.



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 We chose Ruby from a long list of celebrants we found. We felt she had a warm and kind energy and we weren’t wrong, She is the loveliest lady – she kept in touch many times before our daughters naming ceremony and each time answered our questions and made some brilliant suggestions. As a blended family we wanted something that signified our family becoming one and the sand ceremony she suggested was perfect, everyone commented how beautiful the whole ceremony was and was a wonderful day they had. Ruby made sure she got there in plenty of time and even made a note of the wish tree we had made but hadn’t mentioned to her and made sure she included in the ceremony our wish for everyone to leave a message for our daughter. She is friendly, professional and kind and she was extremely accommodating on the day when we had people running late. We cannot recommend Ruby highly enough for anyone wanting a celebrant I’m only sorry we won’t have cause to work with her again any time soon! Thank you so much Ruby we are so grateful. 

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