Sing a Song – it can make your day!


When a couple are getting married there are many options available to them for their ceremony. Music is something that most couples include in some way. If you are having a Church wedding you would usually include one or more hymns. You can also include hymns in a Celebrant led wedding. (I will write a separate blogpost about choosing hymns.) Singing a song or hymn together can be a very uplifting experience and allows family and friends to contribute to the occasion. However, you may want a non-traditional, humanist or non-religious wedding ceremony without hymns but with singing, or one of you may want a hymn and the other would like people to sing together, but would prefer a well known love song. It’s not for everybody but if you love to sing then sing a song – it really can make your day!

Singing in Ceremony

So what kind of song works best?

Well, that depends on you! What kind of music do you and your partner like? How about your friends and family? Are they likely to sing whether they know the song or not? Or does it need to be something really, really well known. The most important thing is that it’s easy to sing. Choose a song with a good rhythm. Songs with choruses work well as even the most nervous singers are likely to start joining in on the second chorus!

What can we do to encourage people to sing?

It is really hard to get a group of people to sing a whole song without accompaniment as they are likely to go out of time pretty quickly. A backing track or full recording or live music are pretty essential.

If you have someone (or a group of people) who has a good voice and knows the song then get them to lead the singing. It will help people to stay to time – and some may even keep in tune!

However well known you think a song is it will go better if the lyrics are provided. A lot of us think we know songs but then find we forget what words come next after the first verse so print them out for people or put them up on a screen.

Get your officiant to encourage people to sing in advance. If they feel that they are doing it for you and that people joining in is much more important than them being in tune, people are more likely to let go and sing a song for you.

All you need is love





My top ten Wedding Ceremony singalong songs to date

All you need is love – The Beatles

Can you feel the love tonight? – Elton John

One Love – Bob Marley

Walking on Sunshine – Katrina and the waves

Happy – Pharrell Williams

I’m a believer – The Monkees

Can’t help falling in love – Elvis Presley

Cheek to Cheek – Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett

Love changes everything – from Aspects of Love

Don’t stop believing – Journey

So have a think about what song your tribe could sing together and set it up – it really can make your day.

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