Valentine’s Day is approaching. It’s nice to celebrate with the love of your life and you want to mark the day but you don’t want to go to a restaurant filled with other couples doing exactly the same thing over an overpriced set menu with no atmosphere. Obviously not all restaurants will be like that but you will have to check carefully beforehand to be sure. You may feel it’s all hype and don’t want to go to loads of trouble but want to mark the day. Some of my couples who are saving for their wedding feel this is an extra hassle they can do without! So what else can you do? Here are my top 5 easy suggestions for celebrating your love on Valentine’s Day.

1 Breakfast in Bed

Why not book the morning off work and have a scrumptious breakfast that you wouldn’t usually have time for? If you have school age children maybe one of you can do the school run whilst the other makes the breakfast. Who says you can’t go back to bed once you have been up and dressed.



2 Romantic Dinner at home

One of you might normally be the cook in your home – so This can be the time for the other one to show their love by preparing a romantic dinner. If you are not a great cook then you may want to make it easier for yourself by going to one of the supermarkets to see if they are doing a Valentine’s day deal on a meal for 2. These are usually simple but delicious meals put together by experts just for the occasion and come with a bottle of wine. Marks and Spencer (my go to for easy to cook, quality meals) 2018 Valentine’s Day Dine In deal it includes wine or fizz, starters, mains, sides, desserts and even a little box of chocolate hearts for £20. Other supermarkets are available!

Another way of preparing for a romantic dinner is to have a cosy evening in advance deciding what you would choose to eat and then prepare it together as well as eating it together. The anticipation for good food can get those love buds sparkling as well as your taste buds!

3 Barter a babysitter – kids’ night

Celebrant infoThis tip is definitely one where you have to wait for the “you” time but it can be worth it. If you and some of your friends have children so find getting out on Valentine’s night an impossibility you could offer to babysit in exchange for them doing the same for you on another night. Make it a special night for the children – you could even invite children from two other couples so you are getting two future nights out. Eat great children friendly food like pizza or KFC and chocolate cake. And when their parents pick them up you can breathe a sigh of relief that you are not responsible for looking after them all the rest of the time. And enjoy your day/night out as a couple or other bartered treat when you trade in your good deed.

4 Romantic evening unplugged

Light some candles, bring the duvet to the sofa and switch off the lights (and maybe heating if you want to really cuddle up). Order a takeaway so the oven doesn’t need to be switched on and open a bottle of wine. I’m sure you can think of ways to entertain yourselves but it can also be an evening to bring out the card games or board games, tell ghost stories in the flickering lights or chat. This is a great time to talk about what you want to look forward to, where you would like to go on holiday and what is important to you.

5 Soothing, sensuous Spa evening

Celebrant infoLight some scented candles, have some clean towels folded nicely and some gorgeous bubble bath and fabulous massage oils to hand. Put the music on low. You can buy all kinds of back massage wheels and sponges and other toys so look for one that feels just right for you. Prepare a light meal of fresh, healthy finger food and fruit and maybe chocolates too with lots of drinks from sparkling mineral water to cocktails and champagne on hand. Then help each other to relax.

Whatever you decide to do for Valentine’s Day don’t let it stress you out. Try to relax with the one you love. And if you fancy finding a Love quote to write in your card, why not have a look here.

If you are planning a wedding or a ceremony to mark another milestone in your life, you can find lots more information to help you On The Blog. Or get in touch.

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