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Hi, I’m Ruby and it’s lovely to see you here! 


You are probably here because you have a milestone moment in your life that you want to celebrate and I would be honoured to be part of the celebration.  

I absolutely love what I do and I feel so fortunate to be involved in special ceremonies for couples and families, to see the smiles on the faces of the guests and to celebrate all kinds of events in ways that are completely personalised and meaningful.

For many years I worked as an HR Director and was also a public speaker. Through my employment and interests I have worked with people as they have been affected by the highs and lows of life and come to recognise that we are all unique and respond differently to joys and challenges.

When friends and families asked me to help with their ceremonies to celebrate special occasions I recognised that they could not always find someone to create a ceremony that totally fitted what they were looking for. From relaxed, laid back ceremonies involving all ages in specially designed rituals, through faith filled ceremonies for same sex couples to funerals for people with no faith at all and all sorts of other ways people wanted to mark their milestone moments.

I decided to train as a Celebrant to give me the essential tools to use my creativity with people like you. That was several years ago now and I have been thrilled to receive awards for my work since then, as well as lots of lovely testimonials showing that I give a professional service with a personal touch.

Spending time with couples, families and individuals to make sure they have the perfect ceremony is a real joy and I love being part of the story of their lives. If this feels right for you, then let’s have a chat about how we can create your perfect ceremony, unique, personal and meaningful, whatever the occasion.

Why have a Celebrant?

I love the flexibility that having a Celebrant gives you – if you want to hold your Ceremony at an unusual place or time then that is totally possible! (Because we don’t do the legal bits of weddings you can have your Ceremony anywhere – whether licensed or not.) There are no legal restrictions so you can have exactly what you want in your ceremony. You can have cultural or religious elements included in your ceremony which Registrars and Humanist Celebrants are unable to include. You can have your ceremony outdoors or in a temporary structure like a tipi, which a Registrar is not allowed to use for a legal ceremony. You can include anything at all which reflects who you are and why you are having a ceremony. Why have anything else?


How does it all work?

We will work together to plan your ceremony then I will write your ceremony including your personal story, references and special content that really makes it meaningful to you. And on the day I will conduct the ceremony in a style that suits the occasion. A ceremony that you will remember forever and that will give you butterflies and a great big smile when you think back to it.

If you want to have some traditional aspects alongside others which are totally unique to you, let’s do it! This is a fabulous way to plan a ceremony – tradition with a twist!

After our initial conversation we will keep in touch right up until the time of your ceremony. If it is appropriate I will also contact people who are going to take part in your ceremony, such as friends and family members, or other suppliers including photographers. And we can consider together whether or not a rehearsal of some kind is needed.

I am proud to work with people regardless of race, ethnicity or nationality, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, religion or any other element of their identity. The ceremonies I am involved in are totally about the amazing people I get to work with and that fills my heart with joy. See “Questions” for even more info!

A unique, personal, meaningful ceremony to mark your milestone moment should be fabulous, fun and faithful to your wishes and values. Don’t let other people’s expectations limit your imagination.

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Have the ceremony that is perfect for you and your story