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Having a Vow Renewal Ceremony is a wonderful way to celebrate the strength of your ongoing commitment to each other, with family and friends or just with each other.

Your vow renewal

You may be choosing to renew your vows for particular reasons: a special occasion, maybe an important anniversary, after family difficulties, or perhaps the original ceremony was not the ideal choice of style or venue. Or maybe it just feels like the right time for you.

Ceremonies can be simple or as elaborate as you wish, day or evening and at any place you choose. Whatever your taste, we can plan and prepare a unique, personal meaningful ceremony just for you.

You can choose your own words to confirm your commitment to each other or repeat the vows you originally made together.

It’s all about you and making sure your ceremony gives you what you desire. Together, we can create your perfect ceremony.

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Ruby conducted our vow renewal & made it so special. The ceremony was made very personal to us & the hand fasting ritual was a great touch. A genuinely lovely lady & someone you would be more than happy conducting an important part of your special day! Thanks Ruby

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