Top Wedding Readings for Same Sex Couples

TOP WEDDING READINGS FOR SAME-SEX COUPLES (AND OTHERS) “We’ve never been to a gay wedding before” said the grooms – “so we don’t know what to expect, what to include”. My reply was that a same-sex wedding ceremony is much the same as a mixed sex wedding ceremony. Just...

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How to tell your story in your wedding ceremony

A big part of what I do is to help you think how to tell your story in your wedding ceremony So, what’s your story? One of the things I absolutely love about being a Celebrant is hearing people’s stories. And trying to ensure that their story is reflected throughout...

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Wedding tips for a feminist – tradition with a twist!

Wedding tips for a feminist - tradition with a twist! You don’t have to be female to be feminist. Feminism isn’t about marching with a placard or burning your bra. It’s about men and women having respect for each other as equals. So having a feminist wedding is about...

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Popular Wedding Readings in 2018

POPULAR READINGS FOR WEDDINGS IN 2018 part two Readings which make your ceremony really “you”. In the latter part of 2018 I have continued to love the weing readings which couples or their friends and family have chosen for their ceremonies. They have all helped the...

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Are dogs ok at my Wedding Ceremony?

ARE DOGS OK AT MY WEDDING CEREMONY? Absolutely. Fur babies are very welcome at Ruby B Ceremonies. Dogs can have all sorts of roles too – or they just come as a guest. Of course, it does depend where your wedding venue is. You will find dogs are often more welcome at...

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Top Wedding Readings in 2018

TOP WEDDING READINGS IN 2018 part one   Sources of wedding readings I love to see the wedding readings that couples choose for their ceremony. Sometimes they ask me to suggest a readings and sometimes they choose readings which are totally new to me which is...

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The First Kiss

THE FIRST KISS - MAKING IT SPECIAL IN YOUR WEDDING CEREMONY “And now I invite Chris and Brook to seal the vows they have made to each other with a kiss”. I love this moment in a wedding ceremony where the couple come close for their first kiss to celebrate what they...

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Renewing your wedding vows – why and how!

RENEWING YOUR WEDDING VOWS - WHY AND HOW! Vow Renewal Ceremonies are very special and they really are unique, personal and meaningful for each couple. Recently someone asked me why people renew their vows. They added - I made my vows 20 years ago and nothing’s changed...

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Valentine’s Day Celebrations just for you two

VALENTINE’S DAY CELEBRATIONS JUST FOR YOU TWO Valentine’s Day is approaching. It’s nice to celebrate with the love of your life and you want to mark the day but you don’t want to go to a restaurant filled with other couples doing exactly the same thing over an...

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5 things you need to decide now you are engaged

5 THINGS YOU NEED TO DECIDE NOW YOU ARE ENGAGED Congratulations - you're engaged. Maybe you have been talking about your wedding for years and know every detail of how your big day will be. But if not, here are some big questions to ask yourself before you get down to...

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Ruby had exactly the warmth, clarity and friendliness that we wanted for our ceremony. She was always interested, bright and chatty, open to our ideas to make the ceremony personal to us while at the same time providing suggestions to help us through the daunting process of choosing vows. In short she played a huge part in making our wedding day fun and memorable. We would 100% recommend Ruby to others looking to have an unpressured and personal wedding.

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