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I am sure you have lots of questions so, to help you, here are some answers to the ones that I’m most often asked. Of course, please still feel free to contact me if you have any other questions or if you would like to have a chat about your ceremony. 


Where do you work?

I can be available to travel to different parts of the UK to perform your ceremony whether it is a funeral, wedding, commitment or any other celebration that you are organising or planning. I can also make arrangements to travel further afield to perform your destination ceremony in a place that is special to you. I am based in the East Midlands and carry out the majority of my ceremonies in Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire.

What is an Independent Celebrant?

An Independent Celebrant is someone whose purpose is to meet the needs of individuals and families during a time of celebration and change whether it is a joyful occasion such as a wedding, naming ceremony, renewal of vows or a sadder occasion such as a funeral. Unlike a Humanist Celebrant or a Registrar, I, as an Independent Celebrant am open to including faith elements within your ceremony. An Independent Celebrant offers a personalised ceremony that reflects the life, personality and culture of their client. A qualified Independent Celebrant has been specifically trained to embrace families of different cultures and backgrounds.

Why choose a Celebrant?

A qualified Celebrant wants to listen and is truly interested in your needs and wishes for your important event. They have specialised training in ceremony planning, preparation and performance and will focus on creating just the right kind of service for you. In a ceremony with a Celebrant, you are empowered and nothing is imposed on you. No two Celebrant ceremonies are the same – each ceremony is personal, meaningful and unique to you.

Is a Celebrant-led wedding ceremony a legally registered wedding?

No. For the legal aspects, you will still need to register your marriage completing all the legalities at your local register office (most offer a basic marriage registration ceremony with 2 witnesses for a small fee. Each registration area should offer this but it is often only on certain days and at certain times).  Most couples prefer to do this very casually some days in advance and don’t exchange rings until later on at their wedding ceremony. Some people find it helpful to see the legal part as registering their marriage, with the wedding ceremony with a Celebrant celebrating the marriage  – with exchange of rings and vows in the presence of family and friends. This can be seen in the same way that a birth is registered with the Registrar and celebrated later with a ceremony such as a naming or christening.

How can I feel confident in your preparation for the ceremony?

As a Celebrant I have considerable experience of leading ceremonies and have gathered a variety of resources available for readings, music, ceremonies, and personal touches and work alongside the family to assist, guide and plan the most meaningful and genuine ceremony for them. Celebrants are bound by a Code of Ethics for complete confidentiality in all dealings with the family. You can see just a few examples of the responses I have received in the kind words section on this site (click here). 

How can I contact you?

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