A big part of what I do is to help you think how to tell your story in your wedding ceremony

So, what’s your story?

Ruby Beech from Ruby B Ceremonies, CelebrantOne of the things I absolutely love about being a Celebrant is hearing people’s stories. And trying to ensure that their story is reflected throughout the ceremony – making it truly unique, personal and meaningful. This is true for all of the kinds of ceremonies that I do but there is a special place in my heart for telling a couple’s story in their wedding ceremony.

When you are planning your wedding try not to get so caught up in seat covers, favours and catering arrangements that you forget what it is all about. You might find it helpful to ask yourself some of the questions which I ask my couples so that you can find ways of telling your story during the whole day.

Where did it all begin?

You might have known each other since primary school or met on the Internet. Maybe you have a shared interest, were part of a group of friends or were invited to go on a blind date. Who are the significant people who have played a part in your relationship so far? Think about your fist date and what made you want to see each other again. Where did you go on that all important second date?

What have been the milestone moments in your relationship?

For you it may have been finding a shared interest or visiting a place you both loved. When did you know this was something really special? How did your friends and family react when they met your partner? What are the things about this person that you haven’t found in anyone else? Think about the things you first learned about each other when you first shared a home. Consider when marriage was first mentioned between you. Was their a proposal? How did that go and what was special about it? If you have chosen a home together think about the things you both liked and how you arrived at an agreement.

How have you developed as a couple?

Couple’s JourneyThink about the things you each bring to your relationship and what you value about each other. Who is the best cook? What things drive you mad about the other? Where did you go on your first holiday together? How did your partner feel when they were introduced to your family and friends? What things do you have in common and what are the interests that you each bring to your relationship which have influenced the other?

Why is marriage important to you?

This isn’t just about the wedding – the day, this is about the commitment to each other in front of others. Why did you choose the wedding day that you have? Reflect on what things are important to you about it. Who are the people you really want to be there? Think about the values that you share, the things that make you who you are.

What are your hopes for the future?

Gate to future


Consider how you see your life going forward – your hopes and dreams. What is it about your partner that means you want to spend the rest of your life with them? Think about how life will be better as a team.

How will every element of your Ceremony reflect you and your story?

Once you have taken time to refresh your story in your minds together you will be better prepared to make sure your wedding ceremony and your whole day reflect who you are. If you are a couple who enjoy being outdoors, have you considered an outdoors wedding or a tipi wedding? Do you want something laid back and relaxed, where you can have your theme reflected in decor you choose, if so have you thought about a village hall wedding where you can have a blank canvas and the caterers of your choice? If you feel that you want your wedding to be more traditional, formal or sophisticated does your venue reflect that? All of these things can follow more easily once you remember what it is all about and the story you want to tell. What readings and music will you include in your ceremony? Are you going to write your own wedding vows? Do you have a particular style? Make sure every element tells your story. Think about how you can involve people in your Ceremony who have played key parts in your story.

One of my favourite reviews comes from a groom who said:

“When planning our wedding, the ceremony wasn’t at the forefront of our mind being a non-religious wedding. Thanks to Ruby it turned out to be the most memorable part of our day…and that’s not just because it was the only time I was sober! Ruby made everything so personal and listened to everything we said to make it to exactly what we wanted.”

This is an important day for you. Take time to think why it is important and let it tell your story in a unique, personal and meaningful way. If I can help you to think things through or to ensure you have an amazing ceremony – get in touch.

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