“We’ve never been to a gay wedding before” said the grooms – “so we don’t know what to expect, what to include”. My reply was that a same-sex wedding ceremony is much the same as a mixed sex wedding ceremony. Just two people in love making a commitment which they intend to last a lifetime. And that is absolutely true. However I do know that some LGBT+ couples are still struggling with finding things which they feel reflect them and their relationship. From cake toppers to stationery to favours, much of what is out there is heavily geared to heterosexual couples. 

Gender neutral wedding ceremony readings

Same sex destination weddingThis can be true when looking for wedding ceremony readings as well. There are lots of wedding readings which are gender neutral but there are also many which assume a bride and a groom with gender stereotypical roles. Of course many heterosexual couples don’t want to buy into that either.

What wedding ceremony readings and when to use them

When you are looking for wedding readings look for something which you both like. Something that fits your taste and life situation. Or trust a good friend to both choose the reading as well as read it at the ceremony. If you are a romantic couple choose a romantic reading. But if you are not at all romantic look for something down to earth or funny.  If you are having more than one reading think carefully about where in the ceremony they will be. For instance, will they make most sense coming before or after the vows? Will they introduce the ceremony or draw it together at the end? You might also consider who is reading and whether or not they need to get it over with!

Where to find wedding ceremony readings

In a number of the same sex wedding ceremonies that I have conducted the couples have wanted to include traditional, spiritual or religious elements. That is just one reason why having an Independent Celebrant is helpful as it means you can include any content that you wish including Bible readings, hymns and prayers. Or spiritual elements from other belief system such as Paganism. If you want a non religious ceremony then choose readings that fit with that. Your readings help to set the tone for your ceremony. Some couples want to choose their readings from literature whilst others go to more contemporary sources such as films and songs. And of course if you are looking for a particular topic for a reading there is always the Internet – though sometimes you have to wade through a lot of unsuitable readings to get to one which works for you. 😊 It is your wedding – be sure to make choices which reflect who you are.

Some wedding readings chosen by same sex couples

Wedding dog, Same sex Wedding CelebrantOf course your Celebrant or Officiant is also a good source for readings. Not least when they are shared with me by those getting married. So here is a short selection of readings which are all gender neutral and have been part of ceremonies which I have conducted. You may want to look at other things which I have written about readings or pick up a copy of my freebie readings guide with some favourite readings. (Link here ).


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Same Sex Wedding Celebrant